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The Great Yorkshire Fringe has had five fabulous years in York, 1200 shows 9000 performers and 110 000 show patrons plus a fantastic array of volunteers, festival crew and local venue staff.   We have sadly come to the decision that we will not be continuing into 2020.

We would like to thank all of the amazing acts who have performed, our food and beverage providers, the staff both from York and London and our loyal team of volunteer staff.  The biggest thank you of all to our wonderful patrons, York residents and visitors alike who have visited us and the city of York for the last five years, we hope that we have given you some amazing memories.

Quote from The Great Yorkshire Fringe Founder and York Resident – Martin Witts

“Thank You to all that have been involved in the Fringe over the last 5 years it has been a privilege to work with you.   We will continue to invest in the local cultural scene of York. Our experience of sponsoring, curating and managing an event in this small city of ours have led us to the conclusion that until a well managed and efficient city centre management is implemented that a Festival of our size cannot thrive and does not have a place in York.”